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Season 1, Episode 1 is available on YouTube!

I've got one post up with some preliminary thoughts, plus links to other reviews. Anyone else have reaction posts? Or just post your thoughts here =)

Post-watch reactions: a shortlist.

The bad:
--Nostalgia for the time when the news was run by great men who told us what to think.
--Will and Mackenzie's drama over their past romance. If this is going to be anything like Matt and Harriet on Studio 60, I hate it already.

The good:
--Will is a jerk, but we're supposed to think that. Also, Mackenzie beautifully putting him in his place with the Vertigo Medicine placeholder.
--The guy who came with Mackenzie pointing out "well, except for the scar from when she was knifed in the stomach covering a revolution." (Riot? Protest? Something like that. Point is, he was all, "just because I am a dude does not mean I will let you get away with sexist dickery.")

The dialogue:
--So fast. I don't know when any of these actors had time to breathe.

The verdict:
--This could go good places. Still not totally reassured that Sorkin won't do awful things to it instead, but there's enough here to be hopeful about.
--Also, the next episode has Olivia Munn! I can't wait to see her doing Sorkin dialogue. The last smart writing I saw her handed was probably at TDS.

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