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Hey, so this is me poking around the internet to see if I can find some active, current Newsroom fans to babble at over this season.

I finally saw the first episode of the new season the other night, and I had the strangest feeling, where I could totally see, really feel, all the critical allegations against the show, could see exactly why people might think it was preachy, overblown and self righteous, but taken all at once, within the full package of the show, I ended up finding even those flaws largely really enjoyable?

It's like a cake--self-indulgent, very possibly not good for me (at least if we are operating under the assumption that NOT being a smug, righteous, wanna-be-intellectual-asshole is what is good for me), but DAMN is it satisfying.

I am not trying to bash this show--I just realized it might be starting to sound like I am, and that is incredibly not true, and I know this is SO not the place for that to be getting confused, but really, Sorkin? The scene where he reaches back through time to speak through Neal and warn Occupy Wall Street about why they would fail? MORE THAN A BIT HEAVY HANDED, NO?

I was really digging the greater inclusion of Neal this season so far, though. He and Sloan are definitely my favorites (though shhhh, don't tell. I am clearly very subtle), though not together--there were a few minutes last season when it looked like the show might be going to a Neal/Sloan place that really wasn't doing it for me. I am much more excited that it looks like we might get some Don/Sloan.

(I maybe ship Jim/Neal a whole lot, please don't judge. I love Maggie to bits but am not convinced that she and Jim are as ~MFEO~ as the show's trajectory would indicate, and I really love the idea that JIM HAS SUCH A THING FOR IDEALISTS. He has a definite type, that way, from Mac to Maggie straight through to Neal, who is the most idealistic idealist around. HE IS SO VERY MUCH MY FAVE.

That bit with "Has anyone talked to him?" after Jim RUNS AWAY FROM HOME and Neal's "He called me" made me waaaay happier than it should have, tbh.)

Anyway, this post is pretty much just to poke my head in, say hi, and see if anyone's down to be enthused about the new season with me. Hello! Anybody out there?
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So. I enjoyed that episode!

Not because it found a way to redeem the flaws of previous episodes, mind you. Or even because it avoided them. Rather, because it took them so comedically OTT that it was like the entire episode was airlifted in from a completely different show. The few times it tried to give Serious Speeches About News, you couldn't even take it seriously, because the rest of the action was such unadulterated crack.

And it was funny crack, too! Like, if you were pitching a comedy about the backstage antics of a screwed-up but plucky and irrepressible team of newspeople, this is basically the script you would sell it with. It was like 30 Rock for journalism. Like a series about backstage on The Daily Show, but taking place in TDS' fictional continuity, so everything is just as ridiculous backstage as it is on-screen.

I am aware that this is not at all how Sorkin was expecting viewers to feel, and episode 8 will probably take things back to normal, but it was definitely fun while it lasted.
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Which is to say: I mostly really liked this episode! Hands down the best one so far (though there were still some facepalm-worthy moments). I was torn between looking forward to it, and being anxious that the focus on Sloan would get her hit with the Awful Writing bat. And it did not! And there was much rejoicing.

More, with spoilers )

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Granted, this is seriously late, and some of it may already be jossed by the episode that aired the other day. But I haven't seen episode 6 yet, and still have Things To Say about episode 5, so here goes--

Spoilers under the cut. )

More links, post-ep4

Saturday, 21 July 2012 01:14 pm
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Dan Rather still thinks it's awesome. I gotta say, it is kind of disorienting to see a Distinguished Newsman fanboying this hard.

Especially since I came to it off Television Without Pity's dissections, which do a laserlike job of pointing out all the really stupid things Sorkin wants us to accept as noble and good and right. Also, the fact that NewsNight spelled Richard Clarke's name wrong. Journalism!

Meanwhile, apparently Sorkin fired almost his entire writing staff. Except for the one who's his ex-girlfriend. Life imitates art? Or art serves as foreshadowing for the life of the artist?
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Okay, so this is way late, but whatever. Have some thoughts.

Most of this is a critique of the show's use of real news as dramatic fuel. Particularly in that last sequence, under the Coldplay lyrics.

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Well, evidently Dan Rather thought it was awesome.

(He's reviewing the series for Gawker, of all things.)

I accidentally had music playing when I started the episode, and the track in question was cinematic background music. Took a while to realize that Two Steps From Hell's "House of Fire" wasn't supposed to be playing over Will's dramatic speechifying.

To be honest, I kept zoning out for bits of the rest, so my reactions are going to be less organized. If anything important seems to be missing, please bring it up.

Spoilers and discussion )

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An article on The Daily Beast about The Newsroom's treatment of female characters. Contains major spoilers for episodes 1-2, minor ones for episodes 3-4.

I just saw episode two, and my overall feelings go like this: there's a Newsroom that Sorkin is showing us, and then there's a Newsroom that Sorkin is telling us about, and I like the first Newsroom very much. There are a couple of mental edits I've made to the "telling" parts to bring them more in line with the "showing" parts. If I have to do that more and more as the series goes on, it's going to be less and less enjoyable...but hey, I made it through the last series of Glee, and it's not like this can be harder.

Spoilers: mental rewrites, more detail, and miscellaneous reactions. )

Would love to hear everyone else's reactions!

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Season 1, Episode 1 is available on YouTube!

I've got one post up with some preliminary thoughts, plus links to other reviews. Anyone else have reaction posts? Or just post your thoughts here =)

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This is from the end of April, but now that more of us have read the leaked script, it might be more enjoyable: We Break Down the Aaron Sorkin Hallmarks in His New HBO Pilot Script. (Spoilers, obviously, if you haven't read the script.)

Did you catch anything they missed? Were they any Sorkin hallmarks you were either disappointed or relieved to see weren't in there?

Personally, I want to know when we can expect a Dan(ny)...

EDIT: How'd we miss this? Emily Mortimer is now in talks for the role of Mackenzie. Marissa Tomei was originally in talks for that role.