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Saturday, 21 July 2012 01:14 pm
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Dan Rather still thinks it's awesome. I gotta say, it is kind of disorienting to see a Distinguished Newsman fanboying this hard.

Especially since I came to it off Television Without Pity's dissections, which do a laserlike job of pointing out all the really stupid things Sorkin wants us to accept as noble and good and right. Also, the fact that NewsNight spelled Richard Clarke's name wrong. Journalism!

Meanwhile, apparently Sorkin fired almost his entire writing staff. Except for the one who's his ex-girlfriend. Life imitates art? Or art serves as foreshadowing for the life of the artist?
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Well, evidently Dan Rather thought it was awesome.

(He's reviewing the series for Gawker, of all things.)

I accidentally had music playing when I started the episode, and the track in question was cinematic background music. Took a while to realize that Two Steps From Hell's "House of Fire" wasn't supposed to be playing over Will's dramatic speechifying.

To be honest, I kept zoning out for bits of the rest, so my reactions are going to be less organized. If anything important seems to be missing, please bring it up.

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An article on The Daily Beast about The Newsroom's treatment of female characters. Contains major spoilers for episodes 1-2, minor ones for episodes 3-4.

I just saw episode two, and my overall feelings go like this: there's a Newsroom that Sorkin is showing us, and then there's a Newsroom that Sorkin is telling us about, and I like the first Newsroom very much. There are a couple of mental edits I've made to the "telling" parts to bring them more in line with the "showing" parts. If I have to do that more and more as the series goes on, it's going to be less and less enjoyable...but hey, I made it through the last series of Glee, and it's not like this can be harder.

Spoilers: mental rewrites, more detail, and miscellaneous reactions. )

Would love to hear everyone else's reactions!

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Season 1, Episode 1 is available on YouTube!

I've got one post up with some preliminary thoughts, plus links to other reviews. Anyone else have reaction posts? Or just post your thoughts here =)

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NPR's Monkey See blog has a list of The Ten Most Sorkin Things In The Trailer while The Guardian has a short write-up saying The Newsroom trailer hints at a new pessimism from Aaron Sorkin.

Meanwhile, I've made six icons from the trailer that you're free to snag. They're all Will, since the trailer was pretty Will-heavy.
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I'm late to the party on this by about two weeks, but via Forbes: Chris Matthews' Son Is In Aaron Sorkin's New Show About Cable News. How Meta Is That?
Here's a fun tidbit from my interview with Chris Matthews that I, um, forgot to mention in my earlier story about him: His son, Thomas, is an actor, and he has a role in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming HBO series about cable news talking heads, “More As This Story Develops.” Matthews fils plays a producer on a program not unlike “Hardball,” although the lead character, played by Jeff Daniels, is said to have more in common with Keith Olbermann.

And I'm even later to the party on the other bit of info about Chris Matthews and the new show:
It’s also funny, though, because Matthews himself reportedly agreed to make a cameo on the show, only to back out after his bosses at MSNBC denied him permission. According to Vulture, they worried that the show might present an unflattering view of the network and/or cable news and/or left-wing media. That marked an about-face, since earlier, MSNBC had been helpful to Sorkin, allowing him to spend time on the set of “Hardball” as research.
I just find this whole thing hilarious given the somewhat... let's say "contentious" relationship between Matthews and Olbermann.
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Today, The Daily had an article about the new series, including character names and details from the pilot episode.

The text at that link is actually a picture, so here it is in a more readable format. Read more... )


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