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HBO Watch reports that we may finally have a title: Newsroom. (Warning: Minor spoilers at that link.)

So, do we like Newsroom as a title? It doesn't have much in the way of pizazz, but at least it's short, and it kind of fits with titles like The West Wing, Sports Night, and The Social Network.
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Aaron Sorkin's latest show, set in the behind-the-scenes world of cable news, recently got picked up by HBO.

What's especially intriguing about this is that Sorkin shadowed both Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews' MSNBC shows, as well as spent time at the Fox News Channel and CNN programs to research his subject.

We've already noted Sorkin's habit of creating characters based on real life figures -- cf. "The West Wing" -- so we're betting that the new show will be full of thinly-veiled versions of Keith Olbermann, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Chris Matthews and all of the major personalities on cable news.

This got us to thinking... who would best play our favorite cable TV personalities on Sorkin's show?

Naturally, we took a shot at casting. Here's what we came up with.

Fantasy casting at Business Insider

Some of it seems really spot on but Angie Harmon does not get to play Rachel. She doesn't even get to come within 10 feet of her.


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