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The Newsroom on Yuletide PSA

This is only relevant to anyone who is interested in requesting The Newsroom fic in the yearly Yuletide gift exchange, but I think it warrants mentioning. (Sorry for bothering you if you're not interested in Yuletide!)

Neal Sampat, Will McAvoy, and Jim Harper are the only characters showing up on the autocomplete, but they're not the only characters available! The Newsroom characters eligible for Yuletide are, according to the Yuletide 2012 tag set: Charlie Skinner, Don Keefer, Jim Harper, Kaylee (The Newsroom), MacKenzie McHale, Maggie Jordan, Neal Sampat, Sloan Sabbith, and Will McAvoy.

If you want to request anyone from that list other than Neal, Will, or Jim, the Yuletide sign-up post says, "If a character listed on the tag set does not come up under the appropriate fandom, you can copy & paste it from the tag set to make sure it's input correctly."

Happy Yuletiding!
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[personal profile] erinptah 2012-10-15 12:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Thanks for this! Sadly, I filled up all my request slots already, but I have a friend who's getting Newsroom fic now :D